Automotive Gas Oil, or AGO

Fuel intended for use in road vehicles (trucks, buses, vans and cars) powered by diesel engines. Automotive Gas Oil is used in three main types of vehicle / engines:

    Heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses

    Light-duty vehicles, such as vans and passenger cars

    It can also be used to power generators

Diesel engines are widely used in heavy-duty vehicles. Such vehicles are often operated in fleets and are re-fuelled centrally with fuel delivered direct from the supplier. In the light-duty vehicle sector, recent advances in engine design now also allow light-duty diesel engines to compete with gasoline engines on performance grounds. Light duty vehicles are generally re-fuelled through retail outlets. Although the emphasis differs, in both sectors the customers will be generally looking for fuel that provides economy, power, reliability and environmental acceptability.

JN2T Energy has made significant contributions to the alleviation of shortage of AGO supply in Nigeria, through alliances with proven refinery outfits and International Oil Companies (IOC), which ensures that we have been able to bring in steady supply of quality AGO.


Appearance Clear and Bright Visual
Colour, ASTM (Max) 3.0 Visual
Specific Gravity at 15/15°C 0.820 - 0.870 1298
Acidity, (inorganic acid) Nil
Total Acid Number mgKOH/g, (max) 0.50
(a) Percentage recovery at 357°C, v/v (min).
(b) Final boiling pt, °C (max)
Flash Point, °C (min) 66 93
Kinematic Viscosity at 37.8° C (cSt) 1.6 - 5.5
Cloud Point, °C (max) 4.4
Conradson Carbon Residue on 10% residue, % 0.15
Ash, % wt. (max) 0.01
Copper Strip Corrosion , 3h at 100°C Not worse than No. 1
Sediment, % wt ( max) 0.01
Total Sulphur, % wt (max) 0.8
Water Content, % Vol, (max) 0.05
Diesel Index, (min) 47

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