Bulk Fuel Supply

JN2T Energy supplies diesel, petrol and lubricants as a wholesaler to bulk fuel end-users. We source our products from refineries directly and midstream suppliers, which have allocations with most major oil refineries around the world. Our products can be delivered FOB / CIF basis to Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Fuel Transportation

JN2T Energy offers fuel transportation services through partnership with reliable third party fuel transportation companies, who are skilled in this application and are recommended by our fuel suppliers. All third party trucks used by JN2T Energy are all HAZCHEM compliant, ensuring safe delivery and minimal environmental impact. Our long term goal is to eventually own our fleet of road tankers and obtain SQAS accreditation.

Fuel Depot Management

We recognise that our customers are not in the fuel business. Managing fuel depots requires specialised skills in liquid fuels management, safety and environmental protection. Hence JN2T Energy offers its customers innovative depot management solution that suites their business needs. By employing state of the art Fuel Management Systems, we ensure that our customers can eliminate fuel loses due to unauthorised fuel dispensing.

Bunkering Services

Our aspiration is to provide high-grade fuel bunkering at a competitive price to support our client’s business now and in the future. JN2T Energy supply a wide variety of fuels and lubricants to shipping and rig operators. A growing number of clients, from major energy businesses and logistics companies choose us to meet their offshore refuelling needs. They trust our service capability and our products. We can offer our clients all they need from a bunker supplier. Operations staff are on standby always of the day to advise on fuel supply, logistics, fuel quality, pricing and other related services.

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